How Do I Replace The Right Front Bearings On My 1993 Hyundai Elantra?


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Let me tell you from experience. The kind of experience you don't forget when you place your hand in a cherry red fire. Here goes:
1- take the tire off
2- remove the caliper
3- loosen the castle nut holding the hub on.
4- get a slide hammer puller
5- attach the puller to the lugs on the hub
6- hammer your brains out cause it wont come off easy but if it does, go buy a lottery immediately cause you're the luckiest sob around.
7- once the hub is off, you need to pound out the old bearing. It probabably came out while you were breaking your back hammering the hub off.
8-prep the hub for the new bearing,clean the area and grease
9- have another vehicle around preferably a truck( unless you have access to a press)
10- get a floor jack, two pieces of 2x4 about 12" long. Put a piece of 2x4 on the jack, place the hub and new bearing on it and sandwich the hub with the other 2x4. Place it under the frame of the truck and start jacking the truck. Make sure the bearing is being pressed in evenly all the way around. It will pop in. I lifted my 2001 Chevy silverado 2500 HD tires 4" off the ground before mine popped in place.
11- replace the hub on the axle
12- replace the castle nut
13- replace the brakes
14- replace the tire
15- sell the car or pay the dealership to do the work. They'll have it done in half hour. You're looking a three to four hrs in the driveway.
Have fun!!!
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Some local parts stores have a program called Mitchell On Demand, you can search for info and will give you step by step on how to remove and install. You could also try your library for Chilton manuals!! Good luck.
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You have a inner & outer bearing case. After putting car on jack stands, removing wheel, break line assembly, start taking the rotor off & replace any worn, cracked, striped, or broken pieces. Pack bearings w/ plenty of grease!

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