How Can I Check If My Car Is Registered Stolen?


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Could anyone please help me I have a 98 pontiac sunfire with the plates z82 3vr that was registered in weber county in the state of utah I lent my car to a friend that lives in ogden,utah and now from other sources I hear that the car was stolen could someone please help me find out whats really going on with my car. Thank you
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Aha8446 is it stolen
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Go to police station with recent documents of your stolen vehicle.

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If you ask the police if the car is stolen and they answer yes don't they take the car from you and your out of luck???
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There are several methods to find out whether a car is registered stolen or not. One of them is to check it up with the police station. They would give you the details if it is registered as stolen. Otherwise there are sites on the internet which would find out this information for you. These sites can find out if your car is registered as stolen, written off or has finance against it and thus would avoid a lot of trouble later on.

Every country has such agencies and sites for its citizens. One such site is where you can check the car data in United Kingdom. This site also offers many more facilities apart from the ones that have been mentioned above. You can find several similar sites on the internet. You can also get to know about such agencies in your locality through directories and yellow pages.

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