How Can I Check If A Car Is Stolen?


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If you are buying a used car and think it may be stolen, it is always be best to check first before committing to the sale. Get in touch with your local police station to run a check on the car’s VIN number, or you can check on a number of different websites available online.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has a database of stolen and unrecovered cars on their website. This is a free service available to anyone who is suspicious about a car’s history. All you need to do is enter the car’s VIN number and up to five different checks can be carried out by an individual in any 24 hour period. The database can be found by following this link:
Another free website that allows users to check if a car has been reported as stolen in the past can be found at the following link:
There are a number of other free websites that can be found by searching on an internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Another website to check out can be found here:
Although this website does charge users a small fee, it allows them to search for a particular car’s service history. This will also help them find out the previous owners and will determine whether the car has been stolen.

To protect yourself when buying a used car you should always be cautious and be suspicious of any deals that just seem too good to be true; they probably are. Do not carry out any business with a trader at the side of the road or with someone who doesn’t give you a proper address.

Also, make sure that when buying the car you do obtain a receipt. This will help prove your innocence if the police do pull you over for driving a stolen car as you can prove you bought it off someone else.
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When the car is stolen,

*first you need to inform at your nearest police station.

* Submit all particulars and specifications of your car including the body casing code, engine number, etc.

*VIN number, engine and body number codes play a vital role to find the stolen cars.

* Claim the insurance on your car.


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Umm... You look and see if it missing?

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lol I think they mean when you're buying a car, how can you make sure it's not been stolen and resold to you?
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Firstly you need to inform at your nearest police station ans submit necessary specification of your car like Vehicle Identification Number, to conform that your car is stolen or not.

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I live in georgia and have a car from new jersey that I wish to buy but need to know if car is stolen or any money owed on said vehicle
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Check for history.  If you suspect it was stolen, ask the police to run the VIN number and they can tell you.
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In order to know weather or not a particular vehicle that you are buying is stolen or not you need to know the Vehicle's VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. You need to get this VIN number checked by using an AutoCheck Vehicle History Report and in addition to this you need to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle on a lift or elevator.

In case you have difficulty in finding out through the AutoCheck you can ask your local police department to check the history of the vehicle in question. The police can check up the registration of the vehicle to see if it is stolen or not.
It is always better and recommended to make sure that the vehicle you are deciding to purchase has not been pinched from someone else.

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