How To Replace A Serpentine Belt In A Pontiac G6?


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06 Pontiac G6, 2.4L 4 cylinder engine.
   The belt goes around the outside of the Crankshaft, Compressor, and the Alternator.  When I say outside I mean the ribbed side of the belt goes on the ribbed pulleys. The outer smooth surface only goes under one thing. That is the smooth round surface of the tensioner.
   This is easy but can get to be a pain in the backside. I used a t-20 torx to remove the air filter cover. Also you have to unplug a sensor (Be careful, pull the clip back and gently use a small flat head screwdriver to work the plug free. If you force and break this connector it will be very bad.) I moved the air filter cover back carefully and duct-taped it out of the way.
   Then I jacked up the car. Behind the passenger side front tire there are plastic covers in the wheel well. The covers are in sections. Use you better judgment to figure out which one needs to be moved. These covers are held on by plastic pushpins. They have a large round head. Use the flat head screwdriver to work the pins free. I did not remove the cover completely. I removed 4 of the pins so I could pull the plastic cover away. At this point (under the car) you can see the belt around the Crankshaft and Compressor.
   At this point from the top of the car you can put you 5/8th drive in the tensioner  (it is in the center of the arm) and pull up to remove the old belt. You have very little room and need a flashlight to look and the tensioner arm to see the square hole for the drive. I point this out because the arm has a round hole in it (which momentarily caused Turrets Syndrome).
  Now back under the car pull the plastic cover back and start putting on the new belt. I used my duct-tape when I put the belt around the Crankshaft to hold it in place. I repeated this process on the Compressor. (New belts are round and you have to work above and below the car. I know it sounds a little REDNECK but use something to hold the belt in place when you do this.)
   Back at the top of the car, put the drive back in the tensioner and pull up. Place the belt around the Alternator and work it under the tensioner.  New belts are smaller than the one you took off. I used one of those vacuum cleaner extension tubes to put on the handle of my drive for better leverage, pulling up.
   Check you work and remove the duct-tape. Replace all covers. Take the car off the jack stand. Start the engine and watch the belt go around the alternator to be sure. Because this is a chick car, GO GET YOUR PAYMENT!!!!
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Normally cars only have 1 belt called a serpentine belt.Some cars have a timing belt that should be changed when the manufacturer recommends(60,000-75,000 miles)Consult the owners manual or contact a dealer or most automotive supply shops.

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