Can The Repo Man Remove My Personal Belongings From My Car After They Repo It?


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The car is still property of the bank --that's why they can repo it and not be charged with theft.

The bank retains the right over its property, so if the bank still had the title, it was their car to do with as they pleased, and they were unfortunately within their rights to have your belongings removed from their property. (In fact, in some states, they can keep the property that was in the car, but most do not. ) Contact the repo company for how to retrieve your things. I'm sorry this happened to you.
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I can only ans. For Virginia. Yes their supposed to remove personal items, and take a inventory, if after 30 days you don't claim the items then the items are considered abandoned and can be disposed of in anyway the repo man wants, anything attached to the car is now part of the car and can't be removed, fancy rims, big sound or video systems, custom light or engine modifications are all now part of the car and have to remain, and just my opinion but all that stuff might be the reason so many cars get reposed. If you catch me and your polite I would wait and let you get all the stuff your allowed to take, if you act like a idiot I can make it difficult, but it will be on my terms and when its convenient for me. The bank's my customer not you.
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That is what most people don't "get". We repo for the banks, lenders, etc. Most repo guys I know have a heart, and feel for people that are having a rough time, but most people put unnecessary items before the essentials (ie. Food, shelter, transportation).

We do our job to put food on the table. Hate the repoman???? Pay your bills on-time.
No you have about week or more to pay up to get it back before losing it for good,and you can go get your stuff out.
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Yes ,he can remove your personal items as long as he plans to return them to you but for no other reason.
I would take my personal belongings out of the car , before he repos the car .. But , I am pretty sure , that , once he takes property of your car , everything becomes his.
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How do you know what repo company to contact in order to get your belongings back? My room mates car was just repo'ed and we he is trying to figure out how he knows which repo company to contact and get his belongings back? Thanks.
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Several years back, I had a car report and found out that yes, the repo company can remove your personal items from the car. They are required to store them for a length of time and offer them back to you. Usually they charge a storage fee that is more than the stuff you lost and the notice is sent out very slow. I tried to claim back my personal items only to find out that they held the items for the required time and then disposed of them (as they said). I had several tools in the car so I know they claimed them to use but I had no way to get them back.

Guess I should have got them out before the car got respond as most of us know that it is going to happen when it does. I just didn't want to believe it. Live and learn but hopefully I'll never need that piece of knowledge for myself again.
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Yes they can remove all of your personal belongings.
They can remove everything but electrical devices. Ie Radio, alarm, you know things like that.
I have a friend who lost their job last year and got behind on their car notes, then she moved in with her boy friend and changed her phone number so the car leander could not get in touch with her for over a year, and when they did find her car they took it and now she has to get her personal belonging from the repo co.

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