I have lost my car and went to jail because repo man told the police that i hit him with my car just so he could take it .the police took me to jail in i got charge with aggravated assault i went to jail for 34 days can i sue the lender and win?


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Exactly, you can't sue the lender or the agency who allowed you to use their money to lease the vehicle for reclaiming their own property unless you can prove you were paid up on your scheduled payment plan. The sad part is they can now sell your vehicle for whatever they can get out of it and then charge you for the short fall on the balance you owed on the vehicle. In other words most likely your going to pay both ways. Especially if you think your going to buy another vehicle while having this claim for repossession of the other vehicle in other words you just became a high risk. The only way you can get the vehicle back is to pay off the late payments and catch up on this months payment. Only if the lender/bank/credit/collection company will allow you to do this.
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Yes as a Repo man can't take the car just because you tried to hit him if thats whats hes saying so you have a good case but I can't tell you what would happen in court since I don't know your Judges but try and sue the repo man and city for false arrest as lender had nothing to do with this per se

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