Can A Repo Company Have A Sheriff Issue A Warrant To Look For A Car In The Home Of Someone That The Car Does Not Belong To ?


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Yes and no.  But this also depends on the state.  I am in the state of gerogia, here we can and can't.  Most of the time if say the vehicle is in the garage we can file a property of foreclosure, and then after about 2 days processing then we will come out and say open the garge...if not we then call sheriff, then garage is opened or the person who says no goes to jail.  Now since this is a relative, if they listed your address on the application, as there resident at the time...then yes they can..because that is the last known address and it is on the loan application.  Regardless if it is your home or theres, we don't file for the person, we file for an address.  In this case like I said...if the relative put on the application that your home is his address then yes they can file a property of foreclosure and enter your property, garage or what ever and look for the vehicle.

Best thing I can say is give up the relative because pretty much, sooner or later(if they know what they are doing) they will file and come out to your home.

Hope this helps and good luck

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