Can A Repo Man Come On Private Property To Repo A Car Without A Court Order?


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I do not know about the rest of the states but in texas no. They can not just come on your land unless.... They have a court order to. Then they can, if they do not it is trespassing, regardless if the car is in repo or not. If they DO NOT have a court order to go on your land and you catch them on it, it is considered trespassing. But if the do not have a court order and you do catch them before they hook up your car and are able to run them off. Sometime they will go to the local P.D. And ask them to escort them onto your land. So in short term...if they have the right paperwork yes if not no. They are not law enforcement of any kind so they can not just go onto your land. Answer provided by and officer. Hhpd
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Yes, a repo man can come onto your property to reclaim a vehicle without a court order.  When you signed the loan papers, it says in small print that if you cannot continue or fail to make the payments for the loan then the bank will come and repossess your vehicle for failing to make the agreed upon payments.

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