If I Lost The Title To My Car How Do I Sell It?


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By law it is not possible to sell a car in the United States if it does not have a title. Therefore if you have lost the title to your car, in order to sell it you must buy replacement deeds. Obtaining a new title for your car is relatively simple and will then give you the opportunity to sell it on legally.

You need the title to your car to prove that you have ownership of the vehicle. The first step to getting a replacement title is to contact your county’s Department of Motor Vehicles. You will need to get the Duplicate Title Form from your county’s department to guarantee it is the correct one - they can vary from state to state, county to county. This form will ask you for your name, address, a description of the vehicle and its type of usage. You will also need to show the Department of Motor Vehicles proof of your insurance, copies of your vehicle’s registration as well as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Depending on the state and municipality, the fee for a replacement title for you car will vary between $20 and $50. Make sure you get a copy of your receipt and Duplicate Title Form so you can use it for reference should you need to later on. You should expect to receive your new title in the mail between three to five business days after the application has been accepted. Some departments do offer the option to have your title printed as you wait, although this will incur an extra fee.

Once the replacement title has arrived and if you decide to sell your car to an individual, you will then need to apply for a title transfer. This form is also available from the Department of Motor Vehicles. It will ask for the names of the buyer and the seller, a vehicle description and the amount of money that was exchanged.
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You need to get a new title. Go to the DMV or go online. I was able to replace mine online. It cost me $20, but I would think that could vary from state to state.
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What web site do I use? Having trouble finding correct one.
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What website do I use?
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Its not possible to sell a car without title, you have to buy new one if you want to sell.
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All you do is go to your dmv an file for a lost titled an that way you can sell your car with out any trouble it could take maybe 4wks or so to get new title
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Call your Sec. Of State and ask them how to apply for a duplicate Title. There will be a charge, about $20.

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