Is There A Cabin Filter On A 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport 3.8 Lt.?If So How Do You Change It?


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Yes, your carvan does have a cabin air filter, its on passager side under the ac case. can't tell you how because it is a long to put at this web site. most all parts houses sell them, sometimes thay can tell you how to remove it.
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Most Caravans I have seen don't have the cabin filter.  The air handler under the dash on the passenger side is molded for one but it was never installed.  I tried to install one in mine.  I cut out the opening for the filer and purchased the filter door for $6 from the dealer but the filter needs a track to ride in or it just flops around and would not be affective.  The dealer only sells the filter door and the filter.  I found a Caravan with a cabin filter in the salvage yard but the filter tract wouldn't come out without damaging it and the salvage yard wanted me to buy the whole unit.  At some point I will make a track out of channel plastic and seal it up as good as I can but in the end if yours didn't come with one it's not worth the hassle to put one in.  

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