How To Run My Car On Water?


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There has been a technology developed which makes it possible for an automobile to run on water, that is, use water instead of gasoline to power the car. Owing to this new technology, any person is able to make a difference by decreasing automotive pollution rates, cut out expenditure on gas, and lastly, breathe a little easier.

To put the system in operation, you would need a complete system, excluding the fuel tank and the catalytic converter.

Firstly construct a low cost alternative means to run your vehicle on tap water, making use of off the shelf parts. This is merely an effective method to change water into gaseous hydrogen as well as oxygen, and then use the vapours of these gases instead of gasoline.
You will need to install a plastic water tank as well as other necessary components.
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A car could role on water if it was made of 65% per cent of a material which floates on water.
1. For example, these materials could be wood but if it would be would then there is a high risk of the car burning  because if there is any damage on the oil container when being burnt then the person wanting to go on water with a car would need to change the feul to another usable energy.
2.It is also possible to drive your car on water by making a special container for air in your car, (At the center of your car) filling it with air and closing any opening to the container so that the air cannot escape. This Idea might work because air and water don't mix together and if the air is emprisoned in(side) the car then the car won't sinc because the air will go back above the surface of the water. This will cause an equal force between the water stuck to the ground because of gravity and air that is lighter then water which makes it stay at the surface.  

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