Can Any Car Run On LPG?


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Hello Edna,
As I am from Europe myself and the cars there are run on LPG since I can remember and that is even earlier then the 70's.
We ran several cars there from 0 miles on the odometer and every mileage we wanted to run it on and it is even on every type of gas up to diesel that we ran it as diesel doesn't work with LPG.
But as LPG is although it is a liquid ran drier then gas it is recommended when you got a installation put in you would run it every three fillups at least on gas instead of LPG for a few 100 miles just to keep the engine from getting to dry
The problem you might be referring to would be the freezing of the conversing unit that could only occur when you were to hastely switching from LPG to gas as that unit converted both to run in the engine to prevent that you switch from either to a neutral stand run the engine until it started to sputter and then turn it to the gas you were switching to to maintain the engine to keep running.
It is already proven to burn cleaner than gas as it is a dryer burning fuel.
The age of the car is as you mentioned not an issue.
Every car is suitable to convert to LPG it is a myth that the conversion wouldn't be possible for surtain cars,it was in Europe not the type of car that was the issue  for conversion but the amount of miles you were running to make it a LPG running car (salesman or any occupation that would run you around the country)
The only setback in Europe was that for even while thinking of the environment you were punished by having a higher road tax tallied on your car.
What you consider a drawback actually isn't as it would have you run on regular gas to get there so it would help you keeping the engine a bit lubricated.
Hoping to be of help with this answer.
A flying Dutchman
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Yes, cars have been running on LPG for ages!

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It is widely recognised that any car with a mileage of less than 200,000 can run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is also known as a high-octane fuel. However, sometimes problems can occur when a car is run on LPG has to run on regular unleaded petrol. This can create a problem in about 94% of cars.

The age of the car is not really important and even classic cars, Range Rovers etc can all be converted. It is also possible to buy a car which runs on LPG directly from a dealership.

Generally LPG is viewed as being better for the environment and financially it is much cheaper than ordinary fuel, with running costs being around half of that for unleaded but a drawback can be that in very remote locations, it is not always easy to source LPG. Any company which converts cars to LPG will be able to offer advice as to whether or not a particular car is suitable for conversion.
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Hi Anonymous - if the car is not already LPG capable it will need an LPG conversion.  It is a pretty straight forward procedure and can be done by specialist mechanics.

After the works are complete your car can have the option of running on LPG or whatever fuel it used to use beforehand.

Hope that helps.

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There are certain cars which are specifically built to be better tuned to particular types of fuel. That's why some cars are specifically called diesel cars. I mean if you're going to buy a car that's a hybrid, you're going to have to learn how to manage the balance of the 2 different energy sources. It'll definitely make a difference when you consider the amount of finance that you'll have to pump into the vehicle to maintain it.

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