How Do I Put My Graco Car Seat Back Together?


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The Graco car seat is one of the most important purchases that you will make to ensure your babies safety. By following these simple ensuing instructions you will be able to efficiently and effectively put your Graco car seat back together.

Place the Graco car seat on the back seat of your car. Ensure that the car seat is in a rear facing position if the seat is for a child that is 2 years or younger. Separate the car seat from the car seat base by depressing the handle on the back of the car seat and lifting up on the car seat. Then place the car seat to one side.

Once this is done you can install the car seat base in the back seat. This is achieved by feeding the seat belt through the openings on the side of the base. Then you can click the seat belt securely. Grab the strap firmly to reduce excess material, and pull taut.

(Optional, only use this if your seat comes with the latch system). Place the car seat base onto the back seat of your vehicle. Then, feed the latch through the base and secure this under the base of the tongue. Once you have done this, fasten the latch connector to the anchors in the seat of your car. To secure the base, apply weight to the base and at the same time pull on the adjustment belt.

Now lift the car seat by the handle. Align the car seat with the car seat base and drop it into place. Once the car seat is locked in the base, you will hear a loud click. If you pull up on the car seat, it should not move. However, if you do feel any sort of movement it is advised that you repeat step two.

After following these simple instructions the Graco car seat is now ready to be used.
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I took my car seat apart to clean it and can't figure out how to put it back together. So how do I do that?

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