How Fast Could The Titanic Go?


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The Titanic was designed to reach a top speed of twenty-four knots (nautical miles per hour).

Twenty-four knots is equivalent to -
  • 27.6 miles per hour
  • 44 kilometres.
Titanic's maximum speed test was never performed but, on the day she sank, (before hitting the iceberg), she was doing a speed of 22.5 knots.

How far did the Titanic travel?
The Titanic's maiden voyage should have lasted for seven days, but after only four days at sea, she collided with the iceberg. She had travelled approximately 1,807 nautical miles at that point.

When the iceberg was spotted, the engines were put into reverse and the Titanic was turned to the left. It has been claimed that, had the ship carried on at full speed and hit the iceberg straight on, then she may have avoided sinking.
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The Titanic had two reciprocating engines, one each on port and starboard, and a centre turbine engine.

Each reciprocating engine developed 30,000 shaft horsepower (shp), and the turbine developed 16,000 shp. This gave the Titanic a total power of 76,000 shp.

How fast could the Titanic travel?
The Titanic had a designed speed of 21 knots with a flank, or emergency speed, of 23.5 knots.
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About 30 miles an hour.

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