When Was The Austin Mini 1960 Made?


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The Austin Mini was made by British Motors Corporation and was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. It is the most popular British car. It was a small car but was powerful and had character. It was first made in Birmingham and released in 1959. It saw its heydays in the sixties and most of the people associate it with the sixties. But it was actually made in the late fifties. It took a year or two to pick off but when it did it became very popular and sold rapidly.

This car for became very popular due its innovative design which allowed for more space, easy handling and parking as well as its inexpensive nature. It graduated from the housewives car to a fashion accessory. It was initially known as Austin seven or Morris Mini Minor but the names didn't catch on and it became popular as the Mini.
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The 1960 Austin Mini was made in 1959, as the new models always come out late in the previous year.
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I think you could find the information in the Austin Mini Wikipedia page, but I'm here to say that this is one awesome car if only the finance for it wasn't so crazy!

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