Can I Run My Pocket Bike On Unleaded Petrol?


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Taylor Edgar answered
No, you can't run your pocket bike on neat unleaded petrol.

Fitted with two stroke engines, pocket bikes are designed to run on a mix of unleaded petrol and two stroke oil. In order to operate at optimum efficiency, pocket bikes must have an accurately mixed petrol/oil combination. Getting the ratio correct is therefore essential to guarantee the best performance and avoid premature wear on engine components. A pocket bike engine that is running rough is not an experience to behold and will severely impair your enjoyment. The engine noise and exhaust note will not be a sound of beauty either.

It is also strongly advised that pocket bike owners strictly adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines on fuel to maximise performance and avoid damage to their engines. Running your pocket bike fuel mixture too lean or too rich is likely to detrimentally affect your warranty.

If you are not sure of the petrol/oil mix contact your dealer or the manufacturer.

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