What Do You Need To Repair A Puncture In A Tubular Bicycle Tyre?


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These tyres are stitched together, complete with intertube. This allows the intertube to be inflated to very high pressures making for superior road performance. But you literally have to cut into the tyre to make the repair. Having made the repair, then you get to stitch it all back together again.

You will need a patch kit (you can buy these mail order/over the Internet if not available locally) :

  • Special thin-tube patches; ordinary patches would leave the ride on the tyre lumpy; an old piece of tubular tyre can make-do in an emergency
  • A triangular-pointed hand-sewing needle (ask for a leather needle in a haberdashery shop)
  • Tubular tyre linen thread
  • Rubber cement
  • Some talculm powder
  • A bit of chalk or similar
  • A small screwdriver
  • A sharp knife or razor blade
  • A small square of fine sandpaper

And... an instruction book. Because there's a lot more to it than having the right kit.

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