How Can I Find Out My Tyre Size?


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It is important to know the size of your tyre when replacing it as incompatible tyres may result in affecting the performance of your vehicle. Sure you can take a measuring tape and start measuring the specifications of your tyres but there is an easier way. All those markings at the sides of your tyres are not for show.

Suppose the side of a tyre reads 205/45R16 79V. Here the first number refers to the width of the tyre in millimetres. The number after the front slash refers to the percentage aspect ratio of the sideways height to the width of the tyre.
The alphabet R stands for Radius. The 15 seen after R refers to the diameter of the Rim in inches. The 79 at the end is talking about the load index and the V about the speed rating of the tyre.
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Pt crusier
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Look inside drivers side door it should tell you tire size

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