If You Experience A Blow Out In One Of Your Front Tires, Your Vehicle Will __________?


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  • What will happen if you experience a blow-out on one of your front tyres?
You will lose control of your vehicle and possible crash. It depends upon how fast you are driving, but if you are driving particularly quickly it could have disastrous consequences. If you experience a blowout you should try to steer in the direction of the blow-out tyre to stop the vehicle from spinning. Usually a blow-out will happen too quickly to think about a logical reaction and you will react on instinct.

  • What is a blow-out?
A blow-out occurs when one of the tyres of your vehicle bursts. This usually happens when you neglect your car and over the months the tyres become worn and could possibly have a blow-out. The things that can cause a blow-out are everyday things such as driving too fast over a pot hole, hitting a kerb, parking on a kerb or not checking your tyre pressure.

A blow-out could also occur if you drive over something sharp that causes a high speed puncture. These are unusual because punctures are usually slow and take a while to go down, but a high speed puncture can be extremely dangerous.

  • How to avoid a blow-out?
To avoid a blow-out you should check your tyres at least once a week. Check that the tread is thick enough and they are not becoming bald. Check that the tyre pressures are correct and you should also try to avoid hard impacts on your tyres.

Do not drive up curbs, go slowly over speed bumps and avoid pot holes. If you cannot avoid pot holes, make sure you drive very slowly over them to lessen the impact on your tyres and minimize the risk of a blow-out.

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