I Have A 5 Year-old Citroen Berlingo Van Which Has Problems With Cold Start After 7 Hours. Any Advice? Glow Plugs Changed, But Still Difficult After 7hrs.


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I would try the Injectors, Either change them all or replace the seals. Its a compression problem that is not easy to detect. Try this and also a high synthetic oil one that wont be to thick when cold. Check for fuel running back also. Good luck
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Diesels can often be difficult to start in cold weather as the diesel has a low freezing point and will turn into a gel. No matter how much heat you give the plugs it still won't start.

My brother-in-law was stuck in his lorry in the Alps for two days because of this. He spent most of the two days defrosting his fuel tank with a small single ring gas stove.

But unless you're stuck in a blizzard that's probably not the problem. Since you have already changed the plugs, I'd borrow a battery from someone and try starting the van with this different battery. If a fresh battery does not improve matters, the next thing I'd look at are the battery leads. Check these for damage and ensure they are secure. Check that the battery earth wire is not frayed or loose.

After that, I'd consider the starter as the next weakest link in the chain. Check the wiring is secure and not damaged, and that the terminals are clean.

If the starter still sounds slow on turn over then it's most likely in need of replacement. But check first that the solenoid is working properly and sending current to the starter.

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