How To Replace 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Serpentine Belt?


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When you open the hood on your 2001 Chrysler Town and Country, you should find a diagram somewhere in the engine compartment that will show you where the Serpentine belt sits. If you cannot find it, type your make and model of car into a search engine so that you can find the Chrysler site and find this diagram. Make a note of it before you start so you know how to install the new belt.

When you have done this, find the belt tensioner pulley; it has a bolt in the center that will let you release the tension on the belt. The belt will be running around the pulley and around the crankshaft and the alternator. You will need a wrench to rotate the bolt in the pulley so that you can slide the old belt off.

Once this is done, you can install the new belt, using either the diagram that is under the hood of your car, or the one that you have got from the Internet. Make sure that the new Serpentine belt is sat properly on all of the pulleys.

Replace the tension on the belt by using your wrench on the tensioner pulley bolt. When all of this has been completed, and you are satisfied that you have replaced the new Serpentine belt properly, switch the engine on and listen to see if you can  hear any noises that may indicate that the belt has not been fitted properly.

Chrysler recommends that Serpentine belts should be checked and replaced every 15,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes soonest. If this is not done, the belt may snap and cause considerable damage to the entire engine, which will be very expensive to repair.

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