How Do I Replace The Power Brake Booster In 1998 Chevy Silverado


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Tim Cook answered

I don't drive a Chevy myself, but I do know plenty of places online where a Chevy Silverado driver can go for help with its power booster brakes. 

Your first stop should be, a site dedicated to Chevy repair advice, where a similar question to yours has been answered by a professional mechanic.

If that isn't quite what you're looking for, you could always join an online Chevy or repair advice community, and ask for advice on power break boosters for a '98 Silverado.
Try or for specific Chevy advice, or or, which are more general car repair communities. 

Perhaps you want to go it alone, but you're missing the repair manual you need for the job? 

If so, go to, where you can find old Silverado manuals, or try, an online collection of car manuals.

Finally, YouTube has a number of filmed repair tutorials, including this one for a breaks inspection of '98 Silverado, which might give you some ideas:

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