What Is Involved In A 90,000 Mile Service On A 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Petrol Engine?


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In a 90000 mile service, they first verify the service of your engine. Then they check the levels of the fluids. They inspect the hoses and clamps. They then replace the coolants. They also replace the spark plugs. Filter is also replaced. They check and adjust the tune specifications. They might also replace the entire fuel filter. Valves are also checked and adjusted. They also check the exhaust systems and the shrouding. They check the CV joints and boots.

The battery is also cleaned. They inspect and then adjust the drive belts, also inspect the fuel's tank, cap, and lines. They check the lights, horn, wipers and their blades and washers. They check the seat belts, parking break operations, shift interlock, steering rack boots, tire pressure and inspect the wear. They also lubricate the weather stripping with silicone, door hinges, door locks, and chassis.

The steering linkage and suspension, brake system, shock and struts are also inspected. They replace the brake hydraulic fluid and the timing belt also the water pump. They also rotate tires if necessary. Then they take a road test.

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