I have a Lincoln town car 92 and the transmission shift cable is loose what can I do?


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Unfortunately, the only thing we have been able to determine is that working on the transmission shift cable on the Lincoln Town Car 1992 is a really tricky affair and will definitely require either a good repair manual or a professional.

In view of this, here are some suggestions as to where to find a repair manual for this car:
It should be noted that the manuals at Haynes and Ebay, where at the time of writing 10 copies were available, are by far the most cost-effective choice.

Alternatively, it may be possible to obtain a manual from the repair manual section of the local library. Larger libraries in particular tend to have a fairly large selection of manuals available.

Another possibility is to contact a Lincoln dealer or repair shop, who may either have a copy or may be able to order one. Auto spares shops usually also carry a reasonably large range of manuals, and many are happy to order the ones they do not happen to have in stock.

If all else fails, it may be possible to find a copy of the manual in a charity or second hand bookstore. In fact, many large bookstores also carry a range of repair manuals. More often than not the Haynes manuals can be found in the non-fiction section, often somewhere near road maps.

Apart from this, there is very little else we can suggest. The only other alternative is to either find a friend or relative who knows their way around a Town Car, or take the car to a workshop. This may not be the cheapest option, but judging by the apparent difficulties involved in working on the shift cable, it may well be the safest one.

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