How To Install 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Serpentine Belt?


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There should be a diagram located under the hood, this is a very easy task, for this model should be equipped with an auto tensioner which makes putting one on a lot easier just by lifting up or pushing down on the tensioner, it automatically sets its self all you got to do is follow belt diagram and then I would start by place serpetine belt from the bottom pulley and work my way up, last going over the alternator, in which is where the auto tensioner will come into play. Just remember that on the serpetine bell all groved sides sit on the groved pulleys and the smooth side goes on smooth pulley you should be able to figure it out its pretty simple. Probally takes 2 minutes if that. When lifting or pulling on auto tensioner, I suggest a long cresent wrench, I believe  the tensioner moves up if I recall. So if on the passanger side of car facing auto tensioner place cresent wrench on the arm of the auto tensioner pulley and pull towards your left side. This will losen the belt to go over alternator. Well, hoe this help and good luck.

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