Is There A Fuse For The Instrument Cluster On A 99 Dodge Caravan?


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Kevin Cronk answered
Should be, shoud be under the dash on the left side, in the fuse bank...BUT
you should read all of this first, sound like it might be your issue
familyvan06-27-2004, 07:53 PM
To the original post of this thread. The dash is not working because there is a short. Go to this His fix seems to work.


housetwofull04-11-2006, 01:21 AM
I have a 98 dodge caravan with the gauges not working. It started that the gauges would intermittently work. Then the door locks would click open and shut. Then the lights went out. Then the windshield wipers. Then all of the above stopped working completely. No one could figure it out. Thank heavens for these forums. The IOD fuse fixed my van. I did what they said but it took two times for it to work. First I took the IOD fuse out. Which is located next to the battery in that fuse box all the way in the back, little red fuse, close to where the battery wires enter the fuse box. Then I disconnected the battery and cleaned the posts. Waited ten minutes and the replaced the fuse, then reconnected the battery. When this didn't work I tried again. This time replacing the fuse in additiom to everything else. To my amazement it now works. What a cheap fix. Definately worth a try. Thank you to the ones who posted this originally.

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