I Have A Dodge Durango 99 The Transmission On 3 Gear Don't Shift Right .Why?


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Could use alittle more info on this. Is it that it doesn't shift into third right away or that it is not going into overdrive. If its not going into third right away it could be two different things. 1 it could be the throttle pressure cable is out of adjustment or there is a bad internal seal in the front clutch assembly which would also give a short delay of engagement in reverse. If it is slow shifting into overdrive it could also be the throttle pressure cable adjustment or a bad seal in the overdrive unit.I would definitely check the throttle pressure cable. This located up by the throttle body and goes down to the top drivers side of the trans. To adjust it there is a push in tab or a pull out lock you can pull out with a small screwdriver up by the throttle body. You push the cable forward to make the trans shift earlier, and pull it back to make it shift later.
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I forgot to mention that if it is not going into overdrive right away depending where you live the temperature plays a big part in this. If you live where the temp gets to 10 degrees or colder the trans may not shift into overdrive until thermostat opens. In temps 10 below or colder it may not go in at all. This is normal the trans has a temp sensor in it so when it gets that cold the trans control module puts the trans in safe mode to elminate trans failure.

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