I Want To Refill My Renault Laguna's Automatic Transmission Fluid. How Do I Locate The Dip Stick?


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It's possible that your car does not have a transmission fluid dipstick. Check the handbook that came with the car to confirm this.

Nowadays most modern cars have to be taken to a mechanic, where a scanner is used to access the transmission level reader from the ECU. This will tell you if your transmission fluid needs to be replaced. 

Renault Laguna automatic gearbox dipstick

Transmission Fluid Replacement on Automatics:

  • It is essential to check your transmission fluid regularly, to see if it is at the correct levels.
  • When doing so, leaks can be found easily and major repairs avoided.
  • The first thing to do is to check your car's manual to find out if the engine should be running or should be turned off when adding your automatic transmission fluid.  Some cars require the car to be warm and running, while others require that the engine be turned off - although the engine should be warm.
  • Pop the bonnet and find the automatic transmission fluid dipstick (if your car has one).  Check your manual for the exact location.  Once you find it, pull the dipstick out, and use a rag to wipe it dry.
  • Now, replace the dipstick, pushing it back into where it was previously located in its entirety.  Pull it out once more, and check the indicators on the dipstick to see if you still have enough automatic transmission fluid.
  • If you find that the dipstick level is too low, then you need to add automatic transmission fluid. 
  • Use a funnel to pour automatic transmission fluid into the hole where the dipstick was located.
  • Add about 8 oz of automatic transmission fluid at a time, and do not overfill.
  • Return the dipstick to where it was in the beginning.
  • Remember to have your car's transmission regularly serviced, and check your manual for recommendations for servicing depending on the make and model of your car.  This should keep repair costs low, and keep your car transmission running smoothly and properly.
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On some of the newer vehicles there is no dip stick to check fluid.

On GM you remove a plug on top of the transmission and, at other end - on the passenger's side - remove a small bolt.

Transmission fluid is full when fluid runs out of small hole on the passenger's side.
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Arthur Wright answered
Your engine should have two dipsticks - the front one nearest the engine block and another running towards the firewall or leading to the transmission.

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