How To Change Transmission Fluid On 2007 Chevy Equinox?


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David Mathley answered
You drive it to your Chevrolet dealer and have the shop do it. If you are asking on here you have no business attempting it.
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John Ellis
John Ellis commented
You must not know these units are, seemingly, sealed with no dipstick/filler tube. It's a valid question, and maybe you shouldn't be posting about something you don't know about.
David Mathley
David Mathley commented
I do know about the transmission on this vehicle and my answer is absalutly correct. The service on this transmission should be done be a trained Chevrolet mechanic if you do not have the knowledge and training to know how to do it. Maybe you should not leave silly comments that agree with what someone has posted then add a comments saying the other person should not have answered.

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