How To Fix Fan Speed Circuit Sensor Wtih A Code # Po526?


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The code P0526 refers to a possible fault within the fan speed sensor circuit. Basically, the PCM, or powertrain control module, uses a speed signal from the cooling fan to determine actual fan speed in comparison to desired fan speed. Without going into too much technical detail, it ultimately sets the error code P0526 if it detects a loss of cooling fan speed for more than 11 seconds and will activate the malfunction indicator after the second consecutive incident of the diagnostic having been run and failed. This could indicate a range of possible faults within the speed sensor circuit, including:

  • Loose or damaged wiring
  • Chaffing in the electrical fan harness
  • A faulty fan clutch
  • A faulty speed sensor
The speed sensor is situated inside the fan clutch, which has an electrical harness connected to it. The first move is to check the wiring to and from the harness, the fan clutch etc. If the wiring is undamaged, the fault may lie within the harness, where chaffing is a common problem. The harness may be replaced by removing the cooling fan, disconnecting the harness from the fan clutch and removing the harness from its plastic guide while feeding the wires out through their slot. The new harness is then installed in reverse order.

If the clutch itself is the problem, it can be replaced by disconnecting the negative battery lead; draining the coolant; removing the top radiator hose and the fan shroud, followed by loosening the fan bolts on the fan clutch. The main fan clutch bolt will have to be removed using a fan clutch tool, which can be hired. Finally, the electrical harness is disconnected. This process is reversed to install the new clutch. It is perhaps best to consult a repair manual before commencing to do this.

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