How To Hotwire A Neon Car?


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You can't, for one its illegal, number two, cars manufactured over the past ten years have had new advancements to keep retards from hot wiring them. First of all, they have special diodes and resistors in the keys, and if the computer does not detect the correct resistance in the key, it will fail to start, some computers even shut down the injectors and fuel pump even if you manage to get the car to crank, and the next is the fact that there is a locking mechanism in the steering column, unlike older cars you could knock that mechanism out and you would be able to turn the wheel, but nowadays if you do the the ignition will not work because even the locking mechanisms have sensors, and if the signals are not correct it wont work. So be advised, don't try it, for legal reasons, and two, if the owner catches you, you will probably get your ass beat

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