How Can I Find 1996 Jeep Cherokee Fuse Box Diagram?


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In case you are looking for information on how to find a 1996 Cherokee Fuse Box diagram, then you are reading the right article. Keep in mind that the internet should be the first place you check for such a diagram; still, it is important to remember that the owner's manual will have all the information you require.

-First of all, ensure you have checked through the internet to discover whether you can locate the specific 1996 Cherokee Fuse Box diagram you need. To this end, remember that the internet has a lot of information with regards to these fuse box diagrams therefore it is almost impossible for you to go wrong with an online search.

-However, in case you have really searched online in a comprehensive way and have not found exactly what you were looking for, then there is no need for you to despair. It is nowadays possible to find any sort of 1996 Cherokee Fuse Box diagram from the owners' manual.

-Finally, if you discover that you can neither locate the diagram of your 1996 Cherokee Fuse Box from the internet or from your owners' manual, keep in mind that it may almost be impossible for you to ever retrieve it. However, this is not to say that you should give up. In fact, you can still go to your manufacturer and inquire from them whether they can re issue you with another 1996 Cherokee Fuse Box diagram.

To come to a suitable conclusion, the 1996 Cherokee Fuse Box diagram is very important, seeing as it is one of the few diagrams that will actually enable you to have an easier time repairing your 1996 Cherokee. This way, in case of any problem, you will be able to trouble shoot using the fuse box diagram as your main reference point.
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I am talking about the one under the hood on the passenger side. I have a 30 amp fuse that keeps blowing. When it blows it kills the fire from my coil. I'm not sure if the fuse is just for the coil or not. Its not a constant short. But I have changed fuse 5 times through out 10 miles or so. Kinda funny thing is that it only blows while its idling. And hasn't blown while its running down the road. Ive shaken and jiggled the wiring harnes in several different places but havent been able to make the fuse blow  when I do this... Any ideas? I even thought that if something else is connected to the fuse that it may be shorting out causing the fuse to blow and the coil is failing to produce spark  as a result of no power from the blown fuse.  Or could a coil going bad  blow a fuse????
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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cavity/Fuse Diagram (Owner's Manual pgs 205-206, open panel on passenger side kick plate):
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22

1 10 amp (RED)   Radio
2 15 amp (Lt Blue)   Cigarette Lighter
3 10 amp (RED)   Rear Washer Switch, Body Controller
4 10 amp (RED)   Airbag
5 10 amp (RED)   Lamp Out Module, Overdrive Switch, OBD II
6 15 amp (Lt Blue)   Vehicle Information Center/Graphic Display Module Park & Side Lamps, Overhead Console Lighted Visor, Automatic Dimming Mirror
7 20 amp (Yellow)   Body Amp, Cluster, Body Controller
8 20 amp (Yellow)   Rear Wiper Motor, Flipper Glass Solenoid, Cargo Lamp, Trailer Tow
9 15 amp (Lt Blue)   Brake Switch
10 10 amp (RED)   Rear Window Defroster
11 10 amp (RED)   ABS Module
12 10 amp (RED)   Heater-Ventilation-A/C Control & Recirculation Motor
13 15 amp (Lt Blue) Hazard Switch, Turn Signal Switch
14 15 amp (Lt Blue) Spare
15 15 amp (Lt Blue) Spare
16 10 amp (RED)   Right & Left Courtesy Lamp, Glove Box Lamp, Halo Lamp Cargo Lamp, Underhood Lamp, Dome/Read Lamp Right & Left Visor, Automatic Dimming Mirror
17 15 amp (Lt Blue) Radio Illumination, Tail Lamp, Graphic Display Module, Park & Side Lamps, Headlamp Switch, Body Controller
18 20 amp (Yellow)   Spare
19 15 amp (Lt Blue) Passing Light
20 15 amp (Lt Blue) Radio, Heater-Ventilation-A/C, Vehicle Information Center
21 15 amp (Lt Blue) Power Outlet
22 10 amp (Blue)   Airbag Module
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I have a '96 cherokee too. It died in the street yesterday because of low fuel pressure. I replaced the pump, strain and filter and got pressure but then I wasn't getting any spark. The green 30amp fuse in the relay box under my hood was blown. I found out that the fuse was for the engine control- fuel pump, general field injectors, engine controller, ignition coil, auto trans. Controller,oxygen sensor. Mine probably has something to do with the fuel system because I've been working on it. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what is causing it to blow but I hope that narrows your search.
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It is usually on the inside of the fuse box cover, or in glove box on fold down front of box.
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Thank fuse box cover, just a bunch of colored fuses with numbers on them...?
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Best bet is to go to Jeep/Chrsler dealer, or call one, and see if they have a page in their computer files (in the parts dept.) that shows a diagram. Or you may have to purchase an owners manual, as there is a section in that book that shows the schematics of fuse box. You might try public library computer, too. Or call a NAPA autoparts store to see if they can help you out.
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Good answer guest but I need the one for a CHEROKEE.. ( not grand cherokee)  I don't think they are the same. The one on the cherokee is above the brake pedal..If I'm incorrect let me know.. Thanks
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I have a 1998 jeep sport  I was hooking up a new radio and all the dash lights went out I checked the fuses under the glove box and under the hood

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