What Is That Big Ball Called (the Ball That You Get Inside Of And Roll Down A Hill; You See It In The Toyota Truck Commercials)?


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  • What is the ball called?
The actual ball is called an 'Orb' and the activity is called 'Zorbing' or 'Globe-riding', 'Sphereing' or 'Orbing'.

  • Zorbing
Zorbing first began in New Zealand and was created by David and Andrew Akers. It is a recreational activity, and is great fun. It involves getting inside a big ball through a small hole in the side and then rolling down a hill while inside it. The runs usually run for about half a mile and the slope is usually gentle, but extreme Zorbing is done on much steeper slopes. Zorbing can also occur on flat ground when the person inside controls the orb by leaning against the sides. The longest ever ride recorded by the Guinness World Records in 2006 was by a man named Steve Camp who traveled 570 meters inside an orb. Another record was set by Keith Kolver who reached the fastest speed ever inside an orb when he reached 52km, 32.2mph.

Orbs can hold up to three people and it is possible to be harnessed or non-harnessed. The orbs have two sections, an outer ball and an inner wall. There is a thick layer of air between the two balls to protect the person inside. The air works as a shock absorber and is particularly necessary when the orb hits anything or takes flight.

  • Extreme Zorbing
For an added thrill, water is sometimes added to the orb and the people inside will get splashed when the orb rolls.

  • What the advert
You can watch the Zorbing adventure on the Toyota advert on Youtube by following this link. The aim of the advert is to associate a new, exciting and fun sport suitable for the whole family with the Toyota brand. The advert shows the whole family enjoying zorbing and their Toyota truck following them down the hill.
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I believe that kind of ball is called Zorb. You can get inside it and roll down a hill. In fact Zorbing is a popular adventure sport which is played with such zorb balls.
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There are ones called Giga balls they are kinda pricey but I think that they would be a blast!
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After a little more research, I found that here in the USA, it is called "sphereing." There's a fun park in Brighton, Michigan that does sphereing and aqua-sphereing. Visit www.sphereusa.com.
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Here is a page showing zorbing with water in the ball so you slip and slide while going down hill. Watersportsmagazine.co.uk/watersports/adventure/zorbing.html

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