My Cigar Lighter Does Not Work. Where Is The Fuse Box That Contains The Fuse For The Cigar Lighter?


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My cigar lighter fuse is blown ... I need to fix that...  The fuse box is under the hood however I bought the car used and it doesnt have the fuse diagram .... No one , no website , has that diagram  ( I need to fix that fuse ) so I either need a diagram or I need to know where that fuse is

its a 1998 cadillac catera help please fast
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To answer this properly, certainly we need to know the year, make and model of your car.

(Thanks for the comment/additional info-- I added one below yours--- with more information for you.  Here is the website  hyperlink - hope it helps also...
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The fuse box is usually on the driver side under the dash. When you pull the cover, on the back of the cover is a list of what fuses control what equipment
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Depends on the car. It'll be inside the cabin, check glovebox, under drivers side dash, open door and check drivers side and passenger side of dash.

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