How Do I Remove The Front Wheel Bearing On My Geo Tracker?


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That was a bad anwers,  it fits a Geo Metro but not a 4wd tracker, sorry!

To remove the bearing one must remove the bearing hubs.

1: Remove the 4wd axle lock at the 4 outside bolts (not center screws)
2:jackup car at A arm.
3, take off wheel.
3: Remove the 2 caliper bolts and tie up the caliper with coat hanger or rope.
4: You can leave the rotor on but I take them off by inserting a 8mm bolt in the holes provided
and then tighten them in sequence. Pop off comes rotor.

5: Now remove the 4 locking screws (oops you didnt say year 97 is diff) using impact screw driver.
On the axle locking plate.
6: Now the big nut is free.
7 . With the very specail tool remove these ring nut (CCW) ,  150 to 170 ft /lbs of torque, you will need a 3 foot breaker bar or air impact hammer gun.
Still following or are you lost...?

Click my profile , click my web page , then find hubs,  bingo , full answer.
Next time at least tell year of car.
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The auto hub has four small locking screws to remove and then you have to use a spanner wrench to remove the nut...
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Depends on the year and if its 4x4 and if its auto hub as they're all different.
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You have to take the wheel off and you will see a cap that in the center of were your wheel fits to the studs.Take the cap off and you will see a wheel nut and washer take them off and this will loosen your rotor after that you will see the barring take it out and reverse the procedure.But make sure you pack the barrings with packing grease.

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