What Is The Average Price Of Wheel Bearing Replacement For A 99 Honda Accord?


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This depends on a lot of things. For instance, the location you live and the mechanic you go to will have a huge influence on the price you end up paying. In addition, you have not mentioned whether it is the front or back wheel bearing that needs to be replaced. In general the back wheel bearing will be more expensive to replace than a front wheel bearing.
Furthermore, you have not mentioned if you are going to look for the parts yourself and then simply pay for the labor costs involved for a mechanic to fit them.  Also, the time scale you need the car back in may also play a part in what you pay as more urgent jobs may come at a heftier price from a mechanic. All these factors will affect the overall price you end up paying.
Taking all this into account, there is no clear way of giving you a straightforward answer to this question as it really depends on a number of factors such as those mentioned above. That said, there are a number of Internet forums and blog posts on the Internet where car owners have posted a number of different prices. Please note however that these prices may not necessarily be the same prices that you end up paying. Go to a mechanic yourself to determine the end price you need to pay for the labor to be completed.
If you are supplying the parts and only need to pay for the labor, some car owners have quoted prices of around $30 to $40 online.
If you need both the parts sourced and then fitted by a mechanic, these prices vary greatly online. Some people have posted prices including $322, $110 and $250. The generally consensus seems to be around the $200 to $300 mark for all parts and labor.
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Well you can even try this by-self but if you cannot replace it yourself then you can take services of any mechanic that will do this for you in approximately $30-$40. It will take hardly an hour to replace for a professional mechanic.
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My mom was just quoted $322 for that.  I think the place is trying to rip her off.

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