How Do I Change The Front Bearing On My 2001 Saturn?


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Need to jack the wheel off the ground. Get the wheel off. The to gain access to the brake rotor you will need to remove the brake caliper assembly. This can be done by removing the entire brake caliper as one with disconnecting the brake line to the caliper. IF you disconnect or loosen the bolt holding this brake line to the caliper air gets into the line and you will then have to perform a brake bleed to the system. To get away without having to do this procedure you can keep the brake calipers hanging in the air with a wire coat hanger or get some kind of wire or string to tie to the caliper and leave hanging within place a little bit out of the way while you work on the brake rotors. The brake caliper for each wheel is held around the rotor with 2 large ALLEN head bolts with the head of the bolt usually facing the backside of the caliper. Once you remove these two bolts the caliper will be able to be removed and you can SLIDE UP and off the caliper from the rotor or call it  " PRY UP " so to speak the caliper off the rotor because it's loosely clamped around the rotor so to speak and needs some persuading. Once the caliper is out of the way you have access to the rotor. The rotor may have ( 1 ) allen hold bolt on the face of the rotor which keeps it mounted to the spindle / strut unit and a large steel dust cap in the center of the rotor. Get a screwdriver and hammer and pop out the dust cap that's pressed on into the rotor without destroying it. Once the cap is off there is a large nut holding on the brake rotor. You will need a large socket to get it off around 28mm or 32mm. Size socket. Once you get the nut off the rotor will come off and the wheel bearing will be right behind it and now you'll be able to change it out with a new bearing and a little grease as you reinstall. Good luck.

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