What Is The Most Popular Car Colour?


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Colour doesn't rate highly as a significant factor when buying a car; only 1% of men and 2% of women say that colour is important when buying a car.     The AA recommend a metallic finish on cars, for people who are purchasing a new car and have a chose; although it is more expensive, a metallic car will fetch much more money if you decide to sell you car a year later.     The AA recently carried out a survey about car colour, which showed that six out of ten new cars are blue, red or silver. The most popular colour is blue and only one in 10 people chose green or white. The survey also reveled that only one in a hundred chose yellow, turquoise or pink.     The top ten colours in the U.K are as follows:  1. Blue   2. Red   3. Silver   4. Green   5. White   6. Black   7. Grey   8. Gold   9. Mauve   10. Yellow     On the other side of the Atlantic colour tastes are slightly different, in North America, the most popular colour for cars is silver, and white for SUV's, vans and trucks.  
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Top Five Car Colours
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Silver is the most popular car color in the world.

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Silver color.

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Silver - First Place - By a mile!!
Black - Second Place - By a mile!!
Blue - Third Place - By a mile!!

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