How Do I Change A Serpentine Belt On A Chevy Aveo?


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It is actually a lot easier than you may think to change a serpentine belt on a Chevy Aveo. If you follow these steps you should be able to do the change yourself without much difficulty.

1. First you need to locate the current serpentine belt.
2. Once you have found the belt you will need to loosen it. This can be done by pulling what is called the tensioner.
3. When you pull the tensioner it should be obvious which way is making is tighter and which is making it looser.
4. Loosen the belt until it slips off.
5. Now you can place the new belt in its position.
6. Tighten the new belt up by using the tensioner again.

If you believe a video tutorial will be of some help then you will find many videos on that show you other people doing the change. You can watch one of the videos at If you wish to watch more videos like this you should see them listed down the side of where the YouTube video is embedded. Simply click on one of these videos and you will be able to watch the one you clicked on instantly.

If you are still having some difficulties changing the belt yourself then it might be worth calling into a garage and asking for help and advice. They may even do it for free if you ask politely and are a loyal customer.
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Last time I did one of these I used a 14mm wrench to pull back the tensioner. There are some pictures of this here:
You might want to remove the lower cover to have better access.

But PLEASE! Take a picture or make a drawing of exactly where the belt is and where it goes, it is a bit tricky to figure out where the belt goes after you get it off!

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