My 200 Toyota Celica Pushes Out To Much Smoke Out Teh Tail Pipe?


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eugene hunt answered
Three things will cause smoking: Too much fuel in the air/fuel mixture (black smoke), water in the mixture (white smoke), and oil in the mixture (blueish white smoke)...Smell the exhaust with the engine running and warmed up, each problem has a characteristic odor (oil, gas, or antifreeze) and watch your liquid levels, you will be be consuming unusually high levels of one thing. Knowing what is causing the smoke will point you toward the repair solution.
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If Blue tinted and smelly exhaust fumes are being produced, the motor is burning lubricating crankcase worn piston rings or a stuck intake valve. Your catalytic convertor would have been clogged by now if your fuel mixture was bad enough to produce smoke & your car would hardly run trying to push exhaust through the clogged convertor. If the exhaust is sweet smelling and your coolant level keeps going down, you may have a cracked engine block or warped head/or bad head gasket.
How many miles and what type of driving has the car experienced? If rings are worn by high mileage...look into a heavier weight motor oil...there are blends for high mileage!
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The car has 149856 miles run in right now 95 percent of those miles are highway miles and thanks I will look at the head gasket more closely.

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