How Many 1989 Toyota Celica GT Convertibles Were Built In 1989?


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In the month of August 1990, the Toyota Celica GT-Four A and Convertible were the two latest models added into the then-existing lineup of Toyota Celica in Japan. There were three versions of the Toyota Celica Convertible, which was built with the American Sunroof Corporation (which is abbreviated as the ASC) in the state of California in the United States of America.

The Toyota Celica Convertible was offered as the GT in the United States of America, as the Type-G in Japan and as the 2.0 GT-I 16 Cabriolet in Europe, where it was equipped with the 3S-GE engine. Two models, namely the 2.0 GT-I 16 and the GT-R, had the chassis code ST182 and were available as 2WS and FWD. On the other hand, the two models, namely the Active Sports and the GT-R, had the chassis code ST183 and were available as 4WS and FWD. They all had 118 kilowatts (which is abbreviated as kW) of power @ 6600rpm.

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