I Have A 2003 Jeep Liberty, Brakes Pulsate And Vibrate Steering. I Have Changed Brakes And Rotors, The Symptoms Have Lessened But Are Still Present. Can It Be The Brake Calipers?


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Usually, if you get a pulsating pedal and the steering wheel vibrates when you apply the brakes, it would most often be a problem with a warped brake rotor. Sometimes, original equipment or aftermarket rotors could make the difference. Educated guess. Take a look at your rotors and see if they have a blue tint to them. If they do, that would indicate that they have been extremely hot. That would be a hint that you might have a stuck caliper. Hope this helps.
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if the calipers compressed easy it's probably not the problem. try having the front wheel bearings checked, sometimes when they go bad they cause a shake and shimmy, i own a dodge durango and had that similar problem

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