As a safe driver, you cannot, __________ A. let other drivers' mistakes provoke you into becoming hostile. B. let go of your emotional feelings before you start driving. C. stop driving just because you are angry or upset about something?


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I would say, A. Let others drivers' mistakes provoke you into becoming hostile.

As a safe driver you must always try to stay clam and relaxed at all times when driving.  When you become angry or hostile you then become more irrational and more likely to perform silly maneuvers on the road putting yourself and other drivers in danger.

We have all experienced it, when someone have pulled out in front of you, gone too fast round a roundabout, driving behind you too close. It certainly annoys me and I have ended up doing something stupid and have put myself and the passengers in my car in danger.

Unfortunately it is common practise to have those few drivers who seem to be exempt from the law and put all of us in danger.  I like to think that one day a Policeman will witness their stupidity and will take their licence taken away.  Until that day we have to take a deep breath and let it wash over us.

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Please tell me you're not sitting at the DMV taking the driver's test now, because if you don't know the answers to the test, it won't help YOU in the long run if we give you all the answers.

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