How Does A Limited Slip Differential Work?


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randy hampton answered
Gives power to tire that has less traction
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larry cook answered
Limited slip is when the main drive wheel losses traction the other wheel will engage to help you get moving
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Limited slip will actually give power to the wheel that has more traction. A regular open diff gives power to the wheel with less traction
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Hi. It works by letting one wheel turn faster that the other when going around curves or making turns. Most cars that claim to have positraction really have limited slip differentials. What really makes them work is there is something like a clutch that feels the extra force on the inside wheel and lets it turn more than the other wheel. Trun positraction is used on dragsters and funny cars as well as pro stock. It's true name on race cars is a locked spool rear end. Watch drag racing on tv, when they tow the cars to the starting line pay close attention to how wide of a turn they have to make to get the car to the starting line. Trun positraction/locked spool lets both wheels turn at the same speed going down the strip or turning into the starting area. It's more technical than my answer, but this is the general way they work.  Hope this helps.

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