How Do You Replace The Starter On A 1997 Ford Explorer, 4.0L, V6?


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Well, first you have to climb underneath the vehicle with some sockets.
That is if you can get your lazy ass out of bed.
Then, climb underneath that Ford Explorer you wish you never bought and get busy and unbolt it.
Two bolts. One at the top and one at the bottom and then the starter wire to the battery needs to come off.
Always make sure to disconnect the battery first. Negative cable first, then positive, when you hook it back up after you install that new starter, positive cable first then negative cable.
Under the truck:
Make sure your new starter is close by and then connection is the reverse of disconnection.
Your hands will get dirty, real dirty, and you may even wish you were dead by some point in this journey, especially if it is the hot summer months are the cold winter months. Not much in between the two, I know that all too well.
A pair of jersey gloves may be helpful. But you will soon be ripping them off as you cuss the sky.
If things get real bad, you could wait for a nice,(bad) thunderstorm, run in the house and grab a nine iron, run back outside and hold it straight in the air and hope you get struck by lightning.
I have came close to this on a few occasions.
Anyways. On the V6 Ford Explorer, the starter   is harder to change than on the V-8.   It is more cramped for room and allot of people give up.
13mm deep well socket on a 1/4 drive for the top bolt. This is going to be the hardest one to remove. You may need an extension.
Bottom bolt is allot easier.
My mom always told me not to cuss at the sky, so you may want to be careful here, as you will be skating thin ice, there are accounts of people being struck dead by lightning on a clear blue sky day.
And, it will catch up with you one way or another.
When you get T-Boned at an intersection, or maybe shot by the police because they will say you went for your waistband.
It doesn't matter if you did or not.
They will swear an oath and lie in court while the pallbearers take you to your final rest.
Don't get depressed, you can change that starter if you try hard enough.

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