How To Check Transmission Fluid Cub Cadet 1641?


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Seamus Mulvihill Profile
Tilt the seat forward to find the filler cap for the transmission. There is a dip-stick attached to the cap... When you unscrew the cap, be sure to wipe the stick and re-dip it for an accurate measurement ;)
If the transmission fluid on the stick is:
* very dark-   you should consider changing the fluid soon... It is heat damaged or oxidized
* has particles in it-   change the filter and/or the fluid
* looks like chocolate milk-  change the fluid and filter- it is water contaminated (if you try to move the tractor when there is water in the transmission and it's frozen, you'll be looking at a nasty repair bill)

Cub Cadet Hydraulic Transmission Fluid P/N- 737-3062
Cub Cadet Hydraulic Transmission Filter P/N- 123-3014

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