How Do You Install The Serpentine Belt On A 1999 Ford Escort Zx2 With A 2.0, Or The Routing Diagram Would Be Great?


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This can be a quite difficult, but not if you know how to do it. First you need to be able to tell if the serpentine belt needs changing. Here you need look for damage. Small cuts or cracks are quite normal, but larger cracks can be a sign that the serpentine belt needs changing.

Step one is to take out the reservoir for the radiator. You’ll find it up against the firewall, and you will have to pull off a little sensor, which is quite simple to do.

Next, there are a few hoses that you will need to bypass; there will be the oil and hydraulic fluid cooler as well as the drain off hose for the radiator. Once these are bypassed you will be able to get to the detentioning tool. The main bracket holding it down is on the P/S pump, which has three bolts, then the next is on the motor mount and the third is on the frame, slightly underneath the alternator but at a slight offset. 

There are several bolts and nuts, about 5 you will have to remove. Once you get all of this out of the way, it will make your job of installing or changing the serpentine Belt on a 1999 Ford Escort Zx2 much easier. The hoses should be slacked enough so that you can detention the belt properly.

The first step is to get the belt in; it is easier to start at the very bottom.

Its best to have a torch to do the next part as it is rather dark. Begin by placing the belt onto the A/C pump. Then slip the belt onto the crank pulley, keep some tension at the top of the belt while you do this. Next slip the serpentine belt over the water; you can then use a bent coat hanger to get it under the ribbed idler and around the alternator. You need to make sure the belt is perfectly straight at this point or you’ll need to do it again as it won’t function correctly. Next you’ll need to take it to the other side to slip it up around the power steering pimp to finish.

Now that it is in place, relieve the tension and slip the belt underneath the smooth idler and you should be finished. It is now just a matter of trying to see if it works if it doesn’t then go back and make sure that the belt is correctly connected to all the bumps and is kept straight.

Below is a link to a diagram:
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BEST ANSWER: Print out or sketch the original routing of your belt. Than locate your tension release pulley, which is located in a tricky position - above and slightly behind the lowest pulley furthest to the front of the car. The black rounded pulley will obtain ONE bolt, which requires a 13mm fitting. You must have the right tool to fit the bolt because it is located directly against the sidewall. Some say a special tool is required, but it's not necessary. Attach a cheater bar or an additional wrench to your 13mm fitting for leverage. THIS IS A TWO PERSON JOB! As one person holds the tool in position after muscling it over, the other person will need to place the serpentine belt on the pre-mounted alternator. Good luck!
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You can purchase this diagram that can help you to change your serpentine belt so you can check out this link to get diagram and instructions to install your serpentine belt in the Ford Escort so you can easily install your belt.
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