How Can I Modify My Pocket Bike To Get More Speed Out Of It?


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Belive it or not it is possible to get a 47cc to produce a 1/4 more hp than it has standard with nothing more than an aluminum can ,a small bolt and two nylock nuts, no need for an upgraded exhaust or gearing,my mods are well proven to work and give awsome results, I wiegh 86 kgs, me on my 47cc will and can out accelerate and leave behind at top speed my mate of 65 kgs on his 49cc ,my 47 cc was last clocked doing 72 kmph, as this process is long to explain but very simple to do, if anyone would like to know my secrets, I'm willing to share with anyone that wants to know, send me an email at blown_diff at hot mail dot com asking how and ill send you the info for free , cheers
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There are a number of popular modifications, but the most common ones to start with are fitting an aftermarket racing exhaust, a larger carburettor and racing sprockets.

With all this extra power, you will also want to look at the tyres and aerodynamics. Slick racing tyres will help squeeze a bit more off a lap time, but they are not much use in the wet. Addressing aerodynamic issues normally involves fitting a full racing fairing to help the bike slice through the air smoothly by presenting curved surfaces that deflect the air. Without a fairing fitted there is a much greater drag effect caused by the flat square surfaces of the pocketbike and rider.

At some point in your modification programme, you will need to uprate your brakes. Fit vented brake discs front and rear for extra stopping power and endurance; the vents, or holes, in the disc help to keep the disc cool by dissipating the heat that builds up under heavy braking. Without the vents to keep the surface cool, the brakes could become extremely hot and start to fade or even fail.

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