Would A Second Hand Blata Minibike Origami B1 Be A Good Pocket Bike For A Beginner?


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Taylor Edgar answered
The mainstay of the Blata product line for a number of years, the Minibike Origami B1 is capable of turning out 14.5 horsepower at 12,300 rpm. This is serious propeller by any standards and not something a beginner rider should be asked to handle. Aimed at experienced pocket bike riders and racers, the output is sufficient to propel you along at speeds of up to 50 mph with the factory-fitted sprocket ratio, even faster with a custom sprocket fitted.

Among the other key specification of the respected Origami are:
� liquid cooling
� PHVA 17.5 Dell' Orto carburetor
� electronic ignition
� manual hand pull starting
� light alloy enhanced trellis frame
� automatic centrifugal clutch
� front and rear disk brakes
� light alloy wheels

For a novice pocket bike rider, there are less powerful machines on which to cut their teeth. A factory spec. 47 cc is more than sufficient for beginners who can trade up later on when they have more of a feel for pocket bike riding.

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