How Can I Modify My Mitsubishi Lancer Glx To Make It Look Like A Rally Car?


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If it's a Professional Rally Look you're looking for, then you don't need massive Body Kits and Spoilers! You'll want Lightweight Wheels and Mud-Flaps on the outside, and some Race Decals - cover your car in Aftermarket Decals (like Sparco and HKS) to finish off the exterior.

On the inside, ditch your Rear Seats completely, and replace the Front Seats with Bucket Racing Seats. Install a roll cage, and 4/6 Point Racing Harnesses. If you're prepared to go all the way, remove your Interior Trim and Luxuries (such as your Radio and Air Conditioning).
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I recommend you get a seem to be around the web for what are called "body kits" these are body part for your car that restore or cover up the older fenders, quarter panels, bombers and cover. You can moreover find photos of rally cars that you are involved in your car looking similar to and find a copier to create up a number of vinyls's that you can set on the body.

As for the inner not as much of is extra. Take away the back seats and mat and set up a roll cage. That's of course if you wish for it to seem similar to a rally car within and out. This isn't in reality practical for an every day driver but it's your car so perform what you would like. Just keep in mind it's unlawful to get around a few security features similar to air bags so you can't take away or put out of action them. Your assurance company can drop down you and still reject your assert if you are in an misfortune and they don't organize because they have been turned of or unconcerned. If you wish for it to be right to type you will want to take away the fuel tank and put in a racing fuel cell.
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Just chuk a body kit on it and a big canon egsuast then a pod filter and ull be doin alrite

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